Sunday, September 25, 2011

Soccer Day again. Sunday, 25 Sep

 My friend helped in her daughter's sewing coop class and they both just made this skirt! Too cute!!  She invited me to come over with Caroline and Sophia and sew one with them.  I hope we can.
 Luke is not going to help video the church service to simulcast it to the other service.  He was going to learn how to do it, but he has alot going on right now.  I'm not sure it was something he really wanted to do.  However the youth pastor asked if Luke would want to do some film editing and clips for him that the youth group would see.  He said he would buy an Apple movie making program that is a really good one.  Luke said he isn't that good at doing.  But he likes it and he's never used this professional version which should make it easier to do more.  We'll see what happens.  

 Josh got his hunting license today.  He REALLY enjoyed the class. He had to do some classes online before he went to the class today.  He's very excited.  He got hang out with some real good-ole-boys today!

Caroline, Jesse and Luke all had soccer games.  It was about 104 degrees today.  It's almost October.  

I'm still looking for a sitter to help when Rachel can't come, and when she graduates.  Today Levi soaked his feet after Sophia soaked hers for her tendinitis.  He did it for awhile.  I think I'll get out the basin and let him soak them all morning tomorrow (Rachel can't come this week except for Thursday.).

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