Saturday, September 24, 2011

Schedule changes and a Marine story, Friday, 23 Sep 11

Two Schedule Changes:

1.  First, Luke had a new science teacher today for his Exercise Physiology class.  The other teacher is no longer teacher that class.  We weren't told the reason. His new teacher is Mr. Landry, the owner of the company!  He was formerly a college professor and has taught this class numerous times.  It seemed to go much better today.  Just when we were about to call it quits!  Mr. Landry started the class over, so none of the previous grades count- that's good.
2.  Second change is that gave Luke a schedule that had his assignments arranged by time instead of by subject.  He was having trouble figuring out how to fit everything in.  So I did what I learned in ROTC...made an hourly schedule and plugged things in.  I told him to input the most import tasks first.  I'm tweaking it this weekend so it will include weekend days too.  He said it is much better for him like this and he did great managing his time!

We saw Dolphin Tale today with the "W" family.  Home School Legal Defense Association encouraged homeschoolers to support the movie due it's family friendliness and positive theme.  It was based on a true story and done very well.  There was a sub-plot about America's wounded warriors that reflected very positively on them.  There was one scene with about 30 or so wounded warriors with all kinds of prosthetic devices and missing extremities.  Like the dolphin.  

One day recently, I was sitting in the Army hospital waiting with Sophia and Levi.  We sat next to a very young man.  He is a Marine and he graduated from high school about a year ago.  He had bilateral artificial legs and crutches.  Levi was enthralled.  Okay, two year olds aren't the always the most diplomatic.  Since Levi engaged with young man, so did I.  That's how I found out he was a Marine, how old he was and that San Antonio is his home.  Levi liked his sneakers, so we told him that.  I asked how long he had his artificial legs.  One week.  I couldn't believe how well he was walking with them and I told him that.  He said he was getting an X-RAY because his one leg wasn't doing too well and they may have to do more surgery.  He said the prosthetics weren't too comfortable.  I asked when he got hurt.  He told me the date.  The wounded warriors and their families seem to always answer that question with the specific date.  I asked if others were hurt too and he said yes.  We talked for awhile and I wished him the best.  I can't imagine what he's going through.

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